The Monster!

Okay, rather than release Dead Men Hiking on April the 1st to be greeted by boos of “the monster looks stupid!” we’ve decided to get your input.  Check out the images below to get a glimpse of what the current monster looks like, and then please leave us some constructive criticism in the comments.  Point out problems all you like, but please accompany these with a proposed solution.

So far, I’ve gotten responses like “Oh he’s so cute!” and “He looks so soft and furry.  I want to run my fingers through his fur.”  Please help me figure out how to make him look more scary!

The basic idea is that a) he is a giant 8-feet-tall four legged wolf/tiger-like creature with an extra row of teeth in his mouth (like a moray eel).  He has ears that are supposed to be somewhat bat-like.  His fur should be somewhat patchy.

Here’s a picture to give everybody a sense of proportion:

textured 3/4 view:

Untextured base model (to give y’all an idea what he looks like without patchy fur):

In motion untextured:

Textured mouth shot:


Yes, I know this one makes him look like a hippopotamus:



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