Day 2

In the center of this photo you can see the small whiteboard we used as an audio slate for several shots.  In order to make it easier to synchronize audio afterwards, we wrote the audio file name on the board (here the file name is “002.wav” or “002” for short) and filmed this board briefly at the beginning of every shot.  The result is that during editing, for any given shot we can see which audio file corresponds with it.  All that is left to do is synchronize the sound.  This system worked, but ultimately we ended up just saying the filename audibly before every shot.  For example:

“This is audio file zero-six-zero. 3….2….1….Action!”

Then we used the scratch (bad, noisy, low quality) audio recorded by my camera to figure out the file name for the external audio recorded with the Zoom H2.

Here is “Scott” examining the local flora during one of the many breaks in between shots.  In actuality, only about 30% of our time was spent filming–the rest of the time we were busy setting up, planning, and rehearsing the shots of Dead Men Hiking Here we are preparing for our second day of outdoor shooting.  The cast and crew braved these bug-infested woods armed with bug spray and took breaks every 30 or 40 minutes to keep from dehydrating on one of the hottest days of the summer.

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