3 Productivity-Boosting Web Apps

  • spreeder.com–this website allows a user to paste in text, and then the website plays the text back one word at a time (or in chunks) at a speed defined by the user in words-per-minute. Handy for those who desire to read at a faster pace, this website is also for people who need to skim large documents quickly.
  • keybr.com–a website that provides typing practice. Even though I learned touch-typing in high school, I was surprised to discover from practicing on this site that I actually struggle with accuracy and speed in certain areas of the keyboard–around the letter “q” in particular.
  • online-stopwatch.com–the name says everything. This website is handy for making sure time doesn’t slip away. If I want to take a 15 minute break from homework, I can set this timer for 15 minutes. When I hear an explosion I know it’s time to resume work. Of course, a stopwatch on one’s phone or an actual stopwatch would work just as well… 🙂 Still, a handy app!