The Lone Strangers

Here it is, at long last! (the movie is at the bottom; as with Dead Men Hiking, feel free to scroll down if you would like to go ahead and watch it)

I know this movie has been a long time coming. Looking back, I realize it’s been a year since filming began…that’s pretty incredible.

As the video finishes uploading to YouTube, I will muse briefly about what I learned from this endeavor:

  • Resolving not to fix anything in postproduction makes editing more fun and less time-consuming. We did many effects in this film practically–even the twig that Phil shoots at the beginning was a practical effect (look closely and you’ll see). The only real “visual effects” work in this film was some masking–the sisters’ house had a number over the door, which I thought was probably anachronistic (not to mention distracting), so I removed it.
  • Don’t assume that you and everyone else involved in making the movie will have the time to finish filming. I assumed this. I assumed that we would all just “find a time” and that we would be done very quickly. But then a new school year started, and I discovered how wrong I was…
  • Have fun! To forget this point is to miss the point, especially when filming with friends.

To everyone who helped with this movie: thank you for your time, your patience, your criticism, and your encouragement.

And now for the main attraction…

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